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    The premier place for all things electrical.

    House of Power Electric has been proudly serving Texas as an exemplary residential electrical contracting firm since 1994. We have a highly experienced team of dedicated professionals who specialize in all facets of home builds, from simple production housing to exotic custom estates. We offer residential electrical wiring of new construction, as well as the sales and installation of home automation systems, fixtures packages, audio/visual systems, and much more.

    About Us

    Electricians you can trust.

    Founded in 1994, House of Power Electric continues to exemplify its founding principles: honesty, reliability, and unparalleled customer care. We have maintained an outstanding reputation, not only through our superior workmanship, but also our ability to work attentively with builders, architects, and interior designers. We strive to provide thorough, precise industry-related information and the latest specifications to ensure a seamless experience with all of our projects.

    Driven by excellence.

    From our humble beginnings as a one-man show to a prominent corporation with over 100 skilled employees, our drive for excellence has never wavered. Whether working with America's most prestigious home builders or directly with homeowners, we aim to exceed your expectations every time. Our portfolio of satisfied clients expands daily, and encompasses unique projects in a wide array of homes ranging from 1,000sq.ft. to 40,000sq.ft. Our friendly approach, unrelenting attention to detail, and competitive proposals make House of Power Electric the clear choice for all of your residential wiring needs.

    Serving our community.

    We proudly serve an expansive area spanning throughout southeast Texas including the entire Houston Metropolitan area as well as the surrounding cities and counties. We've covered the electrical needs of Texans from Bastrop to Mont Belvieu, Centerville to Galveston, and Livingston to Wharton, all with great pleasure. In additon to our professional services, we also proudly support local Houston charities with longstanding annual donation events.

  • Services

    Residential Electrical Wiring

    We offer wiring on new residential construction and remodels per the National Electrical Code. We pride ourselves on our accuracy, tidiness, and attention to detail, all while maintaining the high safety standards of the NEC. We offer phased work with flexible scheduling, skilled electricians, and nothing but the best electrical products available.

    Vantage Lighting Control Systems and Home Automation Programming

    Take your lighting to the next level with Vantage Lighting Control Systems. This state-of-the-art system allows you to create a home that responds to you, with endless customization possibilities. Imagine walking into a room and suddenly, it is illuminated to the most comfortable visual level. Envision travelling towards a dark stairway when a soft glow emerges, leading you safely throughout your home. Our Custom Home Automation Programming lets you design your ideal space, completely responsive to your day-to-day living.

    Custom Audio/Video Packages

    Transform your movies and music into an experience every time you turn them on with our audio/visual specialists. From simple speakers to luxurious theatres, we can make your AV desires a vivid reality with one-on-one consulting and made-to-order bids for your custom project. We also offer turn-key AV packages for builders, giving your buyers the opportunity to satisfy their AV sweet tooth from the moment they walk in their new home.

    Fixture Sales and Packages

    We offer an abundant selection of fixtures and ceiling fans for individual sales and installation, as well as turn-key packages for home builders. We work closely with suppliers to ensure your fixtures arrive on-time and ready for professional installation.

    Generator Sales and Installation

    Safeguard your family's security and comfort with the purchase and installation of a generator for your home. We offer an extensive selection of generators and our knowledgeable staff will gladly provide you with all the information needed in determining which size and type will suit your needs.

    Competitive Pricing and Custom Bids

    We feel the best compliment to quality is value, and that's why we provide competitive pricing to all of our clients. We want your business for life, so we are committed to being fair and consistent. Our custom bids also allow you to get exactly what you want and nothing you don't, for the home project thats just as unique as the people under the roof.

    Two Year Warranty on Workmanship

    We proudly stand behind our work and we want to prove it to you. We offer a two year warranty on all of our workmanship, along with unbeatable customer care.

  • Products

    Light Inspires by Lutron

    The possibilies are limitless with all of the color options available from Lutron.

    Lutron Home Energy Solutions

    See all of the eco-friendly, money saving options available from Lutron.

    The Kaleidescape Experience

    See the spectrum Kaleidescape has to offer in this brochure, “The Kaleidescape Experience.”

    Kaleidescape Press Releases

    Stay on top of the newest releases and innovations from Kaleidescape.

    Vantage Book

    Get inspired now with this coffee table book, "Living Perfection: Creating the Extrordinary Home" by Vantage.

    Vantage in Action

    Watch the products in action on Vantage's YouTube Channel.

    Generator Sizing Calculator

    Find the exact generator to fit your needs with this convenient calculator.

    Home Backup Generators

    Browse the wide array of options from the best selling generator brand in America.

  • FAQs

    What are your hours of operation?

    House of Power Electric is open from 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday. We are closed Saturdays, Sundays, and all major holidays.

    Do you offer electric service?

    No, we are not an electric service provider. We are electrical contractors, which means we run the physical wiring throughout a home or building. We do offer further specialty services including generator, home automation, and audio/visual sales and installation. If you are experiencing a loss of power in your home, the first thing you should do is contact your electric service provider to notify them and to see if there is an outage in your area.

    Do you sell electric parts or fixtures?

    As a general guideline, no, we do not typically sell parts or fixtures outright. However, we can provide components when bidding a custom job. Please contact us directly with any questions regarding custom work.

    Do you offer services to the public or just home builders?

    While the majority of our work is directly through home builders, we do appreciate the opportunity to bid work for individuals building their dream homes. Please contact us directly to obtain a custom proposal for your project.

    What do I do if I think I'm having a problem with my electrical wiring?

    First, you should contact your home builder; they will be able to tell you if your home is still under warranty and the name of the electrical contractors who wired your home. If we wired your home, you may contact our offices either by phone or email during our regular business hours to discuss your possible issues. Our friendly office personnel have a reputation for going above and beyond for all of our customers. Should you have an electrical problem outside of our regular business hours and feel it could be an emergency situation, please see the "24HR. Care/Warranty" section below.

    I'd like to schedule work to be done in my home. What are my options?

    We can schedule appointments for work Monday through Friday. We offer two hour appointment windows for our customers' convenience. The available windows are 8am-10am, 10am-12pm, and 1pm-3pm. Our latest appointment is the 1pm-3pm window. We do not offer any appointments on Saturdays or Sundays.

    What forms of payment do you accept?

    We currently accept cash, checks, and credit cards. Credit card payments incur an additional processing fee.

    Where are you located?

    We are located at 4549 Brittmoore Rd., Houston, Texas 77041. It is near the Beltway 8 and Clay Rd. intersection in northwest Houston. From Beltway 8 and Clay Rd., head west on Clay Rd., going outside of Beltway 8. The first intersection will be Brittmoore Rd.; turn RIGHT (north) onto Brittmoore Rd. Continue for about a quarter mile; turn left into the business park with the sign that reads "Brittmoore Clay Industrial Park." We are in the third building on the right after turning into the business park. Look for the sign reading "House of Power Electric."

    24hr. Care/Warranty

    Have a problem? We're here to help.

    We stand behind our work and we stand behind our customers. That’s why we offer a two year warranty on all of our workmanship, as well as 24hr. care for emergency situations. Read on to find out exactly what to do if you feel you are having an electrical issue and who you can contact to get the most comprehensive care in the industry.

    What is your 24hr. Care/Warranty?

    We offer our customers 24hr. Care and Warranty services because we believe in standing behind our work. All of our electrical wiring carries a two year warranty on workmanship as well as 24hr. Care for qualifying situations. If something’s not right, we make it that way - plain and simple. Please note that our warranty excludes defects in hardware or fixtures, as well as normal replacement items such as light bulbs or batteries in smoke detectors.

    What type of electrical issues does your two year warranty cover?

    Some examples of electrical issues that we can help with would be loss of power in all or some of your home, an outlet not supplying power when an item is plugged in, or breakers in your panel box tripping. If you are having an electrical issue and you are unsure who to contact, you can always call your home builder for assistance. First and foremost, should you ever have any electrical problem resulting in smoke or fire, always call 911 or your local fire department for emergency assistance.

    I have lost power in all or part of my home. What do I do?

    First, always call your electric service provider to see if there is a power outage in your area. This is the company which you pay your electric bill to every month. If there is no outage per the utility company, you can try some troubleshooting techniques before contacting your home builder. Here are a few things to check out:

    • Locate your electric panel. It is usually located on an exterior back or side wall or inside the garage; this is where your breakers are located. The breakers will resemble toggle light switches; carefully inspect all of these “switches” and ensure they are all in the “ON” position. If a breaker switch is in the “OFF” position, also known as the breaker “tripping,” it will need to be reset. Simply push the switch to the “ON” position UNTIL YOU HEAR A SLIGHT CLICK. The circuit should now be working. Possible causes of breakers tripping include plugging in too many items on a circuit or plugging in an item that requires an independent or “dedicated” circuit such as a treadmill, freezer, or other appliance.

    • Does your issue involve one or more light fixtures not working? Though this might sound simple, please check that the switch controlling the light(s) is all the way in the “ON” position and ensure that the light bulbs are not burned out. Our warranty does not cover light bulbs in any capacity. However, should you wish to have us change light bulbs in your home, we will gladly do so at our current labor rate plus material costs.

    If after trying out these tips, you are still without partial or full power, please contact your home builder. They can verify which electric contractor wired your home, and whether or not your home is still within the two year warranty period. If we are your electric contractor, either your builder or you can call our main office for assistance. We can walk you through any other possible solutions; if the problem persists, we can schedule an appointment for one of our electricians to check it out.

    I plugged an item into an outlet and it is not working. What do I do?

    First, check to see if the item has been turned on. If it is on but there is still no power, try plugging in another item if possible. If there is still no power, check to see if there is a “Reset” button located directly on your outlet. If there is, that means is it a GFCI outlet, which has a shut off feature built-in as a safety feature in the event of any abnormality. If it is a GFCI outlet, press the “Reset” button to reset this feature and restore power to the outlet. If there is no button on the outlet, you may have a defective outlet or a tripped breaker. Please see the instructions above on how to reset a tripped breaker; if this still does not resolve your issue, you may call our offices for further assitance.

    My smoke detector is chirping every minute continuously and there is absolutely no smoke or fire in my home. What do I do?

    We install a variety of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in all homes so manufacturers’ instructions may vary, however, as a general rule, continuous beeping signifies low batteries in your detector. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are hard-wired into your electrical system, but they also have batteries as backup in case of a power failure. When these batteries become low, most detectors will emit a chirp every minute to notify you to replace the batteries as soon as possible. For most detectors, the only way to stop the chirping is to replace the batteries and reset the detector per the manufacturers’ instructions. Regular maintenance can prevent this inconvenient situation; test your alarm once a week, dust/clean the alarm at least once a month, and replace your batteries every 6 to 12 months.

    24HR. Care:

    Our 24HR. Care is available in certain emergency situations. If our above troubleshooting tips have not fixed or addressed your electrical issue, you may be eligible to receive emergency assistance. Emergency is defined, per warranty standards, as the following:

    • Total loss of heat when the outside temperature is below 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

    • Total loss of air conditioning when the temperature is over 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

    • Total loss of electricity AFTER calling your utility company to inquire about any outages.

    Though we consider any electrical issue a homeowner has as top priority, out of respect for our hardworking men and women and their families, we strictly adhere to these emergency guidelines. To contact our 24HR. Care representative, please call our emergency line at 281-652-7952. If a problem is reported outside regular business hours, requires a service call, and does not meet the above criteria, your appointment will be scheduled for the earliest available appointment during regular business hours. If your problem does qualify for 24HR. Care, an electrician will be dispatched to your home to investigate the problem and get your power back on as soon as possible.

    Should you have any questions regarding our 24hr. Care or Warranty policies, please feel free to contact us via phone or email.


    M. Patel, Homeowner

    "My coworker asked me to thank you for the prompt turnaround on helping him with his electrical issues. He has nothing but praise for the quick service you all provided and the professionalism of your staff. Thank you!"

    R. Hoover, Construction Manager

    "Your pursuit of customer satisfaction has paid off. I have recently had two very difficult closings this month. House of Power has done an excellent job working with myself and my customers needs. Thanks again for a great month!"

    S. Tatum, Homeowner

    "Your office staff is top notch! They were so courteous, knowledgable, and helpful from start to finish and I felt as if they really cared for me as a customer. They are absolutely exceptional!"

    K. Karaff, Supplier

    “We have had a great relationship with House of Power for over seven years now. They were one of the first electricians that we worked with when we began and our relationship continues to expand and grow. They are supportive, responsive and helpful with all aspects of our business.”

    P. Jones, Homeowner

    “House of Power did my new home. They did a great electrical job. During construction they were very helpful with great ideas for a finished product that my wife and I could not vision during construction. After our house closed, they also came in and finished out our bonus room and were right on target with other bids. Great expierience overall.”

    A. Sanchez, Homeowner

    “Very responsive and helpful. Debbie helped me with scheduling and was very kind.”

    M. Jones, Construction Manager

    “Best electricians I've ever dealt with. Easy to work with and you guys just get the job done every time.”

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